Obagi: Promoting Amazing Skin

The Obagi line of skincare products is unique in that the company promotes a systematic style of beauty. By following one of Obagi's systems, individuals get to experience spa-quality products with amazing results. Each Obagi system has a specific purpose that will promote the best possible performance of one's skin. The Obagi products are prescription-strength, so customers know they are getting the absolute best. By only implementing high-end, results-driven ingredients, the Obagi line of products are some of the most coveted in the skincare industry. This is why some of the most renowned physicians use the Obagi products in their offices.

Their Nu-Derm System focuses on regeneration of the skin. The skin's cellular turnover slows down as a person ages or as skin is damaged. The unique ingredients in the Nu-Derm System like Safflower Oil, Collagen, and Aloe Vera all work to soothe, repair, and refresh the skin. Those with severe sun damage will benefit tremendously by using the Nu-Derm System by Obagi. Cells will regenerate more rapidly, causing skin to be smoother, brighter, firmer, and properly moisturized.

Clients are asked to first receive a consultation by a licensed professional so that they might be guided toward the proper Obagi products for their unique skin type. Whether a consumer is in search of the perfect cleanser or needs the finest moisturizer, Obagi makes a product that will meet their particular skincare needs.