Rebecca Morrice Williams, a cosmetologist from Austraillia worked daily on clients providing professional make up applications. Throughout her career Rebecca became frustrated with the products she had used for their inability to conceal skin imperfections and long lasting wear.

Rebecca Williams began working with leading cosmetic manufacturers in order to develop a cosmetic line that would be long lasting and could conceal all types of skin blemishes. It took 6 years and after extensive research and development Becca Cosmetics was launched. Today, Becca Cosmetics is an industry leader in professional cosmetics and is used by professional make up artists around the world.  Becca Cosmetics has revolutionized the cosmetic industry in providing professional make up that creates a flawless skin appearance without the use of heavy foundations and concealers.

Becca Cosmetics are made from rich vitamins that nourish the skin and are light on the skin allowing the skin to breath and preventing pores from clogging. Becca Cosmetics has a full line of conealers and foundations that provide the perfect match to almost every skin tone. Becca Cosmetics provides 34 shades of concealers and over 30 shades of foundations for a perfect skin tone match for natural looking make up applications, making this a popular choice for professional make up artists.

Becca Cosmetics are not heavy on the skin but provide unbelievable coverage of skin imperfections such as blemishes, dark circles, scars and even birthmarks. Professional make up artists can now transform client’s skin to a flawless palette without using heavy make up and numerous concealers. Becca Cosmetics contain Vitamin C and E which are effective skin care ingredients in maintaining skin’s health.

Using Becca Cosmetics 3 step make up application process provides natural looking, flawless and perfectly matched skin tones. Becca Cosmetics also produces a full line of eyeshadow, blush and lip colors in order to complete the make up application.

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