Body Care

While the skincare industry is booming, many companies have neglected where the majority of skin is located – on the rest of the body. Body care is just as important as nurturing the skin on one's face. Many individuals take hot showers that deplete their body of essential oils, while others use harsh soaps and scrubs that are the equivalent of taking sandpaper to one's skin. Though body care products are harder to find, there are skincare companies that have dedicated entire lines to the overlooked rest of the body. In terms of body care, there are three types of products that every man and woman should use.

The first product is a gentle body cleanser. The top priority in body care is removing impurities that can attach to the skin through sweating, the environment, and products used in laundering. A proper body care cleanser will not include harsh chemicals, but will instead use natural ingredients that nourish the skin and replenish the natural moisture balance.

Another body care product that individuals should have in their skincare arsenal is an exfoliator. Many companies sell exfoliators that use abrasive particles to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells; however, a suitable exfoliator will implement ingredients like sugar granules or jojoba beads which are gentle on the skin and will not typically cause irritations. The body should be exfoliated at least once a week, as one of the primary causes of skin aging is a toughening of the layer of dead cells.

The last body care product that should be applied daily is a non-oily moisturizer. The skin loses essential oils from a number of sources, and a beneficial moisturizer will not only restore the skin's oil balance, it will also feed the skin will vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.