Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch products were once only available through exclusive Canyon Ranch Health and Wellness Spa’s but due to their popularity and demand a full line of at home skincare treatment products were developed and are now available for retail sale at department stores such as Nordstrom and Saks.

Canyon Ranch skincare products uses the Bio-Active Vitamin B3 formula, commonly known as Pro-NAD in their skin care products to effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Pro-NAD was first discovered by University of Arizona researchers and has become one of the leading anti-aging vitamin formulations for skin rejuvenation and aging skin prevention.

Canyon Ranch has developed 2 main moisturizers in their collection called Restore and Balance. Restore Intensive Moisture uses dermaxyl peptides to increase collagen production and improve skins elasticity making the skin appear evenly toned and smooth. Balance is a light-weight moisturizer that uses plant proteins to hydrate and brighten the skin. Restore and Balance both contain the Bio-Active Vitamin B3 making them a popular choice for anti-aging and healthy skin care.

Canyon Ranch produces a full body moisturizer called Elasticity Body Balm which is enriched with botanical oils that help the skin retain moisture making it soft, smooth and healthy.

Canyon Ranch not only produces skin care products but also a complete line of nutritional supplements and daily vitamins that maintains balance in the body and promotes healthy skin. The Canyon Ranch Nutritional Supplements are award winning vitamins that are made from the highest quality and natural ingredients. Canyon Ranch promotes that healthy skin starts with a healthy body, using daily vitamins and a daily skin care regimen will ensure optimal healthy skin.

Canyon Ranch Your Transformation Skincare products are formulated skincare solutions for healthy skin. Healthy skin is the best defence for age prevention skincare.