Clientele Skincare is a complete line of advanced skincare products including cosmetics, vitamins and hair care products.

Clientele was first developed by its founder and CEO, Pat Riley, who wanted to create a line of products to promote healthy beautiful skin.

Pat Riley was a research scientist who teamed up with other scientists to develop the industry’s first oil-free moisturizer which was the launch product for Clientele Skincare.

Clientele Skincare uses revolutionary formulas to create nutritional products for the skin and the body.

Clientele skincare products are recommended worldwide by a dermatologists and skin care specialists. Many celebrities and fashion models rely on Clientele Skincare products for their beautiful flawless skin.

Clientele skincare uses the finest ingredients found around the world for their leading skincare products. Many of the products use antioxidant vitamins such as Vitamins E, C and A to create powerful anti-aging and skin repair remedies. Clientele Skincare is famous for their patent and the use of the sacred lotus seed in their skincare products. Clientele Lotus Firming Serum was developed using the sacred lotus seed plant extract and powerful antioxidants to make a formula that dramatically increases skin’s firmness and prevents further signs of aging. Clientele Lotus Firming Serum is one of a kind and no other product on the market can be found with these revolutionary ingredients or results.

Clientele Skincare products offers specially formulated wrinkle treatment creams, refining lotions, cleansing bars, blemish and acne treatments as well as washes, moisturizers and masques. All of Clientele Skincare products have been clinically tested to improves the skins texture and maintain the skins overall health. Clientele Skincare produces products suitable for all skin types and formulas for all skin conditions. It’s array of products does not only cover the face but the entire body including a hair care line.