DS Laboratories

DS Laboratories Delivers

DS Laboratories is a unique skincare company, as they also provide effective hair removal products. Since 1996, DS Laboratories has supplied impressive products that are backed by proven scientific research. By developing products that simply outperform others, DS Laboratories has made its mark in the industry. After just one use, consumers will see dramatic results.

One of the most innovative aspects of DS Laboratories is their distinct delivery system. By delivering their product through tiny, organic microspheres, the ingredients are better able to be absorbed into the skin. This delivery system ensures that the product performs to the fullest.

Their specialized delivery system simply would not be important if it weren't for the sophisticated ingredients. The patented Hydroviton CR does not just repair skin; it literally transforms it by encouraging a natural moisture balance and eliminating toxins. Other ingredients like rosemary extract and chamomile work toward calming and soothing the skin. Their Keramene product virtually eliminates excessive hair growth by both inhibiting the follicles and slowing down the hair growth process. Other products developed by DS Laboratories provide quick results for skin with cellulite, regrowing hair, elimination of acne, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, and even infection protection for intimate areas.