Getting to Know Dermablend

Dermablend cosmetics are the answer to skin disorders anywhere on the body that affect your confidence and appearance, whether it’s uneven skin tone or pigmentation problems, or freckles, varicose veins, even unwanted tattoos. Dermablend has led this industry for 25 years and will help you get the skin you’ve always wanted.

Cover and Fix With Dermablend

Dermablend developed a corrective cream to cover the most obvious and difficult skin disorders. They then combine the cream with a setting powder so that your flawless look will last all day without weighing you down. Dermablend makeup will never give you a caked on appearance because it was designed to go on light but cover twice as much.

Dermablend’s cover crème is a foundation that will cover the most stubborn scars or skin flaws, including birthmarks. The setting powder has an advanced micronized feature that, once applied over the corrective cream, makes it transparent. The setting powder has a velvety texture yet leaves skin clean and balanced. This dynamic duo was designed to stay in place without needing touch ups during bathing, swimming or perspiring while playing a sport or working outdoors.

More From Dermablend

Dermablend offers coverage products for the legs and body. The foundation still provides the necessary strong coverage without feeling greasy or caked on and will effectively cover stretch marks, varicose and spider veins, bruises, and scars, for example. Dermablend’s Smooth Indulgence Foundation offers medium coverage for minor to moderate skin conditions, such as uneven skin tones, Rosacea, minor acne scars and redness. For more targeted coverage, try Dermablend’s Smooth Indulgence Redness Concealer, which is tinted green to more effectively cover redness in the skin, such as blemishes and blotchiness.

Dermablend’s setting powder should be applied after any concealer or foundation is applied to guarantee Dermablend’s long-lasting, touch-up free look even during the most rigorous activities. Dermablend cosmetics were designed so that wrinkles and pores are minimized instead of exposed, so don’t fear that the makeup will settle into fine lines and highlight them, even while it covers a blemish. This won’t occur. Dermablend also guarantees that its products have been allergy tested, are non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and fragrance free, so that those with sensitive skin can still benefit from Dermablend’s expertise.

Applying Dermablend to Troubled Areas

Dermablend offers specific instructions and application tools to ensure that its makeup will be applied correctly and achieve the flawless look Dermablend promises. For example, if you choose Smooth Indulgence Foundation, Dermablend has a special foundation brush that will best apply it and make sure it blends properly to avoid any unsightly foundation lines. Typically, you would begin on the inside of your face and work outward, blending as you go. Dermablend’s setting powder should be patted on quite generously and left on the skin for 2 minutes. After that, simply brush excess powder off with a makeup brush and your skin will be radiant and blemish-free. Dermablend’s concealers and cover crème can be applied simply using your fingertips, and as long as you finish with Dermablend’s setting powder, your flawless look is good for the rest of the day, so hold your head up high and enjoy renewed confidence!