G.M. Collin

G. M. Collin: A Pioneer for Skincare

G.M. Collin first began as a small skincare company in France in 1957. A world renowned dermatologist founded the company in collaboration with a knowledgeable aesthetician.

This dermatologist had discovered an innovative way to deliver collagen into the skin through pellicles.

One of the most talked about aspects of the G.M. Collins skincare line is that all of their active ingredients are rigorously tested.

This ensures that consumers can safely use the skincare products without risk of harsh, unsightly side effects.

The components of each and every G.M. Collin product are intended to support healthy skin functions and encourage the skin to repair itself, so that future issues do not occur. For those that suffer from scaling, dehydrated skin, the company has developed a number of products for use.

Some of the beneficial ingredients included in these products include rich botanicals, high performance peptides, essential oils, and powerful antioxidants.

The consumer that is fighting the signs of aging will find that G.M. Collin has developed a wealth of products to meet their needs.

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G.M. Collin Phyto Stem Cell Serum 1oz
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G.M. Collin Phyto Stem Cell Serum 1oz
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