Green Tea Botanicals

Long known for its anti-cancer properties, green tea has recently been studied by Dr. Stephen Hsu of the Medical College of Georgia for its effectiveness on skin when used as a topical agent. Dr. Hsu found that the polyphenols in green tea extract increase the elasticity of skin and free areas of free radicals that cause extensive skin damage. Green tea also helps sunscreen agents to work more effectively and work amazing wonders on bringing health back to damaged skin.

This is why Green Tea Botanicals’ products are all infused with medical grade green tea extract in addition to other effective ingredients for quick skin renewal for a radiant new appearance.

Green Tea Botanicals are appropriate for all skin types and are recommended by dermatologists for anti-aging skin care needs. Among the top dermatologist-recommended products made by Green Tea Botanicals are their Green Tea Cleanser for complete makeup removal and pore cleansing, the Anti-Oxidant Toner to refresh skin and balance pH, and the Green Tea Hydrating Mask to renew skin cells, heal damage and invigorate skin.