The main mission of the Illuminaré Cosmetics Company is to ensure that women’s skin is protected from the ravages of sun exposure using high-quality make-up that ensures this protection as it also enhances their beauty. Illuminaré Cosmetics uses natural minerals to ensure broad-spectrum protection from the sun’s rays. With a few exceptions, most Illuminaré Cosmetics provide users with a sun protectant factor of 20.

The minerals used in Illuminaré Cosmetics include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, among other natural minerals. The foundations, blushes and eye shadows all contain minerals as active ingredients that are recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons as being the best broad-spectrum sun protectants that are not chemically derived and are non-degradable.

Illuminaré Cosmetics products include moisturizing liquid foundations for evening out skin tones and to act as a base for other makeup. The Perfect Color Mineral Blush provides a moisturizing touch of color as it screens skin from the sun, as does the Ultimate All Day Blush in a matte finish. Illuminaré Cosmetics also makes a creaseproof All Day Eye Color and longwearing eyeliner. Also available are highly moisturizing mineral LipColors for all-day shine and protection.