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Defying Age With Jan Marini’s Skincare Products


Jan Marini has been instrumental in developing cutting edge skincare products that help women fight the effects of aging with the latest scientific advances.

This is accomplished by using products specifically developed for producing younger looking skin in adult women.

Retinoids probably sound familiar but you can’t quite remember why they are important. Retinoids occur naturally and simulate Vitamin-A activity by being important to skin growth and repair.

Retinoic acid, a specific retinoid, has been researched to treat skin disorders like acne, pre-cancerous lesions, and skin damage due to sun and aging.

Jan Marini Skin Research has discovered what enables Retinol, a dietary form of Vitamin A, to remain stable enough to be converted to retinoic acid and still avoiding peeling, irritation and redness.

This is where Jan Marini’s Factor-A and Factor-A Plus come in. These Jan Marini products contain the highest amounts of Retinol due to their innovative research. Read More.

Antioxident Line Age-Intervention Line Benzoyl Peroxide BioGlycolic Line C-ESTA Line
Factor-A line Marini-Line Proteolytic Enzymes Teen Clean Transformation Line
Jan Marini Clean Zyme 4oz
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Jan Marini Clean Zyme 4oz