Defying Age With Jan Marini’s Skincare Products

Jan Marini has been instrumental in developing cutting edge skincare products that help women fight the effects of aging with the latest scientific advances. This is accomplished by using products specifically developed for producing younger looking skin in adult women.

Rejuvenate With Jan Marini’s Factor-A

Retinoids probably sound familiar but you can’t quite remember why they are important. Retinoids occur naturally and simulate Vitamin-A activity by being important to skin growth and repair. Retinoic acid, a specific retinoid, has been researched to treat skin disorders like acne, pre-cancerous lesions, and skin damage due to sun and aging.

Jan Marini Skin Research has discovered what enables Retinol, a dietary form of Vitamin A, to remain stable enough to be converted to retinoic acid and still avoiding peeling, irritation and redness. This is where Jan Marini’s Factor-A and Factor-A Plus come in. These Jan Marini products contain the highest amounts of Retinol due to their innovative research.

This means that Jan Marini’s Factor-A and Factor-A Plus contain Retinoids to protect skin from aging skin changes resulting from ultraviolet radiation and will help decrease hyperpigmentation. Women will also see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles along with rejuvenated skin that appears radiant and smoother, plus the ability to keep problem skin clear.

Scientific Exfoliation

If you want effective exfoliation products that can be used at home instead of in a spa, Jan Marini’s Intensifiers/Accelerators Enzyme line will help. Enzymes like papain is found in tropical fruit such as papayas, and unripe, green papayas contain the most potent papain enzymes. Enzymes like papain are the most effect exfoliators because the enzyme reacts to digest dead skin cells without damaging healthy cells. Using scrubs or pumices can cause irritation from overuse or vigorous scrubbing. Jan Marini Skin Research now knows the only available method for processing papain from green papayas. Before, green papayas couldn’t be harvested in a way that maintained the enzymes potency. Now, in its purest form, papain from green papayas is 50 to 100 times stronger than papain from ripe papayas, and therefore a more effective exfoliant.

Get Great Lashes With Marini Lash

Jan Marini enhanced eyelashes back in 2005 like no one had done before. Jan Marini has done it again. Jan Marini has developed a proprietary non-prostaglandin eyelash formula that has everyone buzzing with excitement. This proprietary peptide, when combined with other factors, produces amazing eyelash and eyebrow enhancement. Forget fake lashes and brow pencils; with Jan Marini Lash, you’ll enjoy full, lush eyelashes that are beautiful and all yours.

Jan Marini mascara was developed using the same proprietary peptides as Marini Lash, plus it includes special conditioning ingredients for healthy eyelashes. If you’re going to increase you lashes with Marini Lash, then enhance your beautiful lashes with the specially formulated Marini Mascara.

If you want to remain on the cusp of skincare advances, then stick with Jan Marini products. Jan Marini Skin Research is constantly working on new breakthroughs that can only result in younger looking skin without opting for painful and expensive surgical procedures. Age gracefully with Jan Marini products and you’ll look younger and feel great about your skin.