East Meets West With Juara Skincare

Juara’s skincare line was developed using natural Indonesian skincare treatments that were once used on Indonesian royalty. However, these ingredients have been update with western scientific and technological advances.

Juara’s products use pure, native Indonesian active botanicals in high concentrations such as tamarind, turmeric and rice, along with the healing properties of teas and red sandalwood, to create skincare products that are gentle, safe and effective.

Juara’s products result in skin that feels soft and supple while promoting healthy skin from the inside out thanks to research that leads as far back as 800 AD, when Indonesian healers used these native active botanicals and herbs to promote youthful skin in royalty. These recipes also helped detoxify the skin and promote natural health and beauty.

You not only have the opportunity to take advantage of ancient Indonesian secrets to maintain a healthy, youthful face, but can carry this through for your entire body. Juara offers a line of face and body products for an all-over youthful glow.  Read More.