East Meets West With Juara Skincare

Juara’s sweet black tea and ginger mattefying moisturizer was featured in the August 2009 issue of Lucky magazine as a moisturizer that “brilliantly plumps up skin without leaving behind any shininess.” It’s this type of recognition combined with Juara’s skincare products that are infused with ancient Indonesian recipes and modern science that have launched the company into prominence.

The Ladies Behind the Scenes at Juara

Four women envisioned a brand of skincare that utilized the modern scientific discoveries and technologies in the skincare arena. Furthermore, they have taken advantage of their Asian backgrounds and the ancient eastern skincare knowledge that has been passed down through generations to create unique products. Together, Metta Murdaya, Jill Sung, Tami Chuang and Yoshiko Roth founded Juara and have committed to developing Indonesian-inspired skincare products that embrace western scientific advances.

By fusing ancient Indonesian skincare traditions with modern discoveries, these four ladies have taken the active botanicals from Indonesian herbal skincare recipes and modernized them with western knowledge to create a unique skincare line that fuses the old and the new, the east and the west, for products that truly get results.

What’s Different About Juara

Juara’s skincare line was developed using natural Indonesian skincare treatments that were once used on Indonesian royalty. However, these ingredients have been update with western scientific and technological advances. Juara’s products use pure, native Indonesian active botanicals in high concentrations such as tamarind, turmeric and rice, along with the healing properties of teas and red sandalwood, to create skincare products that are gentle, safe and effective.

Juara products result in skin that feels soft and supple while promoting healthy skin from the inside out thanks to research that leads as far back as 800 AD, when Indonesian healers used these native active botanicals and herbs to promote youthful skin in royalty. These recipes also helped detoxify the skin and promote natural health and beauty.

Juara: A Full Body Experience

You not only have the opportunity to take advantage of ancient Indonesian secrets to maintain a healthy, youthful face, but can carry this through for your entire body. Juara offers a line of face and body products for an all-over youthful glow. Juara’s face products begin with essential cleansers and moisturizers for various skin types, as well as specific treatment masks so that any skincare problem or condition can experience results. Your face will be cleansed and softened through the incorporation of gentle botanicals and healing teas for healthy skin.

Juara won’t neglect your body, however, and has a line of body products that are therapeutic and natural. Juara’s body products are scented with heady tropical plants of exotic Indonesia. Your skin can be exfoliated with Juara’s ground coffee beans, hydrated with candlenut oil, and soothed by green jasmine-infused tea filled with antioxidants and nutrients. Your body will glow with youthful vigor and bath time will be an exotic experience every time.

Juara’s skincare and body care products promise results that have benefited Indonesian royalty throughout history and continues to benefit modern Indonesian women today. Juara’s founders deliver the secrets of Indonesian skincare to you so that you can experience youthful skin without leaving your home.