Korres skincare products were first developed by the Korres family in 1966 when they first began producing homeopathic remedies for the greek community. The Korres family lived in Athens, Greece and owned a pharmacy where they sold their natural homeopathic remedies. Over the years the Korres family expanded their operations and began marketing their products worldwide. Today, there are over 400 Korres skincare products available. All of the Korres skincare products are certified organic natural skin care products.

The Korres family when first deciding to offer their products outside of their own community began to look for high quality herbs and natural ingredients grown in Greece, all of Korres skincare products are all manufactured using locally grown high quality herbs, natural ingredients and botanical extracts. Skin care specialists, dermatologists, speciality spas and pharmacies promote the Korres skincare products for their advanced skin care formulas and natural ingredients.

The Korres skincare formulations have become world known for their natural ingredients and ancient remedies for anti-aging, skin firming, brightening and toning. Korres skincare has become a full line of products for the face, body and hair and is made to suit all types of skin and skin conditions for both men and women.

Korres products are popular for their moisturizing products and cleansers. Using only 100% natural ingredients Korres produces a White Tea Facial Fluid, which has become one of their most popular skincare products. The Korres White Tea Facial Fluid is a gel cleanser that is mild enough for sensitive skin but effective enough for all skin types and can be used as a daily cleanser prior to toning and moisturizing.

The Korres skincare line are products that combine natural organic ingredients and rich botanical aromatic extracts for effective skincare that improves the skins overall health.