Make Mederma Your First Choice for Scar Treatment

For over ten years, Mederma has been the number one recommended treatment for scars by both doctors and pharmacists. Mederma comes in three varieties so you can choose the one that is best suited for your scar. Mederma is useful in reducing the appearance of scars as well as evening out and smoothing the texture of unwanted scars, including acne scars, stretch marks, burn scars and surgical scars.

When you wound your body by rupturing skin tissue, your body naturally rushes to heal this rupture and repair the wound. The problem is that your body’s natural defense is to heal the wound with fibrous tissue instead of creating normal skin. The bigger the wound, the longer it takes to heal and a better chance that a scar will form.

This same repair method occurs even if the wound is intentional, like in surgery. You might find a keloid, contracture or hypertrophic scar after surgery. A keloid scar is the result of an aggressive healing process that goes beyond the original incision and can affect mobility.  Read More.