Make Mederma Your First Choice for Scar Treatment

For over ten years, Mederma has been the number one recommended treatment for scars by both doctors and pharmacists. Mederma comes in three varieties so you can choose the one that is best suited for your scar. Mederma is useful in reducing the appearance of scars as well as evening out and smoothing the texture of unwanted scars, including acne scars, stretch marks, burn scars and surgical scars.

Why Does My Body Scar

When you wound your body by rupturing skin tissue, your body naturally rushes to heal this rupture and repair the wound. The problem is that your body’s natural defense is to heal the wound with fibrous tissue instead of creating normal skin. The bigger the wound, the longer it takes to heal and a better chance that a scar will form.

This same repair method occurs even if the wound is intentional, like in surgery. You might find a keloid, contracture or hypertrophic scar after surgery. A keloid scar is the result of an aggressive healing process that goes beyond the original incision and can affect mobility. A contracture scar usually occurs from a burn and is a tightening of the skin. This can also affect mobility because the scar can go deep into the skin to muscles and nerves. Hypertrophic scars are typically red, raised and do not extend past the injury. Using Mederma can help reduce these scars so you will have the best chance or eliminating the appearance. Leave your shields up As the body is busy repairing itself, it creates a scab to shield it from the elements. Ensuring that the scab stays put is important for allowing the wound to heal. When left alone, the scab will dry up and fall off on its own. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, a scar may be left behind—and it's at this moment that treatment should begin. Fading scars are no accident An accident is not the kind of thing people typically want to remember, and having a scar ever present can make it difficult to forget. Like the memory of an accident, scars will never disappear completely, but Mederma® can help them appear softer and smoother, so you can take charge of your appearance and help your scar become a fading memory. Scar Treatment Often after the wound has healed, the scar forms. Typically, a scar will appear red and thick at first, and then gradually fade. For those that don't fade, or remain raised and uneven, Mederma® can help make them softer and smoother and improve their overall appearance. Used as directed, Mederma® helps make your scar less noticeable. And it’s a less costly alternative to additional surgery.

Why Choose Mederma

Mederma has a pleasant, non-medicinal smell and is greaseless because scars aren’t always in convenient locations where greasy, smelly creams could be tolerated. Mederma keeps your comfort in mind while continuing to reduce the appearance of scars. Mederma has been clinically proven to do what it claims, unlike many other over-the-counter scar reducers, so choose Mederma because it works.

Mederma was the first of its kind in topical gels specifically created to reduce scars’ appearances. Mederma is formulated from a proprietary botanical extract that makes it effective and easy to use. The gel, once applied, becomes invisible so you don’t have to attract unnecessary attention to a particularly visible scar, such as you might when using cosmetic pads. Mederma comes in its original formula, the original plus SPF 30, and a formula designed especially for kids.

What Sets Mederma Apart From Other Scar Reducers

Mederma’s proprietary botanical extract is Cepalin, which comes from onions. Cepalin functions to soften hard scar tissue and improves texture, color and the overall appearance. Mederma for Kids also incorporates this proprietary botanical extract and is still greaseless and will help fade scars resulting from childhood accidents like stitches, burns, or even bug bites. Mederma for Kids comes out purple for the entertainment of kids yet dries clear for the parents. It’s also non-toxic and is safe for children over 2 years old.

Mederma developed its topical cream with SPF 30 (Sun Protection Factor) because sun exposure is detrimental to healing scars. Exposing your scars to the sun without protection can result in darker scars. Mederma Cream also helps prevent sunburn while it simultaneously works to reduce the appearance of your scar. Mederma Gel, the original scar reducer, is the basic recipe that will continue to fight the unwanted appearance of scars using Cepalin so that you can regain your confidence and your body.