The New Anti-Aging: Not Your Grandma's Wrinkle Cream

There is something about the words 'wrinkle cream' that simply sound old. But whether we want to face it or not, our bodies age – especially our skin. Skin begins to age in our 20’s largely due to genetic and environmental factors. While we cannot control our genetic makeup, we can take measures to reduce the effects of harmful environmental factors without spending hours at the spa or in front of our mirrors. There is a wide variety of scientifically advanced anti-aging products available on the market which is nothing like your grandmother’s old-fashioned beauty regiment, making age-defying skincare easier and more relevant for our 21st century lifestyles and technological advances.

Anti-Aging Drinks

Skin care drinks are perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to maintain beautiful skin, as well as tone and simultaneously fight the effects of epidermal aging. One skin care line, Borba, features an inside-outside approach by combining a traditional skin care product with highly potent, scientifically blended drinks designed to renew the skin’s appearance and soften fine lines and wrinkles. Drinks are intended to work in tandem with the body’s own chemistry to fight signs of aging. Along with providing the hydration essential to healthy skin, anti-aging drinks are packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants taken from natural ingredients like Acaí berries and Aloe Vera. Skin care drinks are perfect for those always on the go.

Age Defying Vitamin Supplements

Another easy and convenient way to help your body to combat signs of aging is by taking daily vitamin and mineral packs especially designed for skin care. Vita-Medica is a leading brand of vitamin tablets using the latest science and research in formulating their daily anti-aging skin care supplements. Vitamin supplements contain important nutrients, such as Vitamin A and E to regenerate skin cells, B-complex vitamins to support hair, skin and nail growth; and Omega-3 oils and Vitamin C to combat the effects of free radicals.

Processed Skin Cell Technology

At the forefront of anti-aging research is processed skin cell technology used in products available from brands like Neocutis. Using breakthrough technology from a Swiss cell bank specializing in treating skin conditions, such as wound healing, eczema, and psoriasis, Neocutis has developed a line of topical anti-aging skin treatments formulated using the proteins from cultured skin cells. This technology is said to provide the most complete blend of human growth factors, cytokines (cellular communicators and growth regulators), and interleukins (a special type of cytokines).

The Growth Regulator and Antioxidant Kinetin

Along with using natural ingredients, many age-defying skin care lines are harnessing cellular technology from the plant kingdom. Kinetin (scientifically known as N6-furfuryladenine), the proprietary element used in Kinerase topical skin care products, is a plant derived hormone and antioxidant which is responsible for promoting growth by regulating cell division and differentiation. Kinetin is thought to prevent plant leaves from withering and />
AAnti-aging skin care has come a long way from the antiquated beauty regiments of yesteryear. These latest age-defying products use a multi-level approach to fight the effects of wrinkles and fine lines from both inside and use the latest scientific technologies to maximize aging prevention.