Phyto Ceane

Phytoceane’s origins begin with Antoine Gédouin, a world traveler with passion for the world’s oceans and the diverse corals contained deep beneath the seas. Antoine’s dream was to develop a natural brand of beauty treatments using marine ingredients from the gorgeous oceans of the world. His dream came to fruition in 1995 with the development of Phytoceane.

All of Phytoceane’s products are rooted in strong values since its inception. This is a marine brand containing ingredients from the sea or the seashore, using vegetal coral as its crest. Purity is at the heart of Phytoceane, using natural ingredients and the development of farming algae in a laboratory. Phytoceane’s main goal is to be effective, which is why all products are tested in specialized labs. Here is a professional quality brand that uses an exclusive method called the Oceathermie Method. Finally, Phytoceane take a holistic approach to its product development, highlighting health and relaxation.

The Phytoceane line of products includes facial, body and sun care, including products for men. Cleanse and exfoliate skin with a variety of milks, lotions and creams. Moisturize the skin with the Quenching Sea Spray or use the Marine Softness Soothing Treatment to calm sensitive skin that is prone to redness for immediate comfort.

Phytoceane Moisturizing Fusion Cream 1.6oz
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Phytoceane Moisturizing Fusion Cream 1.6oz