Replenix Skin Care

Replenix is one of the 6 brand name skin care products produced by New York based company Topix Pharmaceutical. Topix pharmaceutical develops therapeutic skin care products using advanced skin care technologies and clinically proven ingredients. Topix products are produced for both professional skin care specialists and consumers using various ingredient strengths in their formulas to suit all skin types and conditions.

Replenix skincare products are produced using a blend of green tea formulas that help rejuvenate and repair the skin making skin appear healthier and younger. Green tea has been clinically proven to have healing properties for the entire body but is an essential ingredient in the Replenix skincare line for its ability to soothe, heal and protect the skin.

Replenix products all contain natural green tea ingredients combined with other proven ingredients for powerful skincare formulas. The Replenix Plus Smoothing Serum contains green tea and retinol to help reduce the signs of aging and smooth out the skins surface reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and scars. The Replenix Plus Smoothing Serum is available in 4 different strengths, similar to the the other Topix Pharmaceutical products, depending on the level of repair and sensitivity.

Replenix skincare produces a full line of products for daily skincare regimens which include cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and treatment serums. Replenix skincare also produces a Green Tea Body Antioxidant that applies the benefits of the green tea formula to the entire body giving it a healthy glow and smooth texture.

Topix Pharmaceuticals continues to introduce new advancements in skincare technology by developing new product lines and expanding their existing lines. Replenix products are recommended worldwide by skincare specialists and dermatologists for clients who are looking for an anti-aging and skin healing treatment with the benefits of green tea.