Somme Institute

Somme Institute and MDT5

Molecular Dispersion Technology (MDT5) is a scientific protein and vitamin delivery method that is utilized by the scientists at Somme Institute. The researchers at Somme Institute were aware of the benefits of the topical application of vitamins, but they wanted to do more. They dreamed of a product that could penetrate the epidermis and work all the way down to the deep tissue layers. Their dream became a reality with the discovery of the MDT5 process. Since this process, many people have benefited from the powerful results.

The power of Vitamin A, C, D, B3, and B5 is strong, but after MDT5, the potency of each vitamin is maximized to the highest extent. In a normal product, the exposure of air decreases the effectiveness of the results. MDT5 products maintain their original pureness and create the most dramatic results that have never been observed. Most non-prescription products cannot impact the skin in the same penetrating way as the products with MDT5. The most intelligent scientists and highest technology were combined in the efforts to create MDT5, and you can only find it at Somme Institute.  So, you don’t want to believe an article, and that is fine, but experts at Harvard, Yale, and NYU have noted the success of the product. If you still don’t believe us, then try for yourself. Perform the treatments and you will see for yourself a more beautiful you, without the acne, fine line, wrinkles and sun damage.

The MDT5 consists of treatments that are done twice a day.  First, you begin with the Nourishing Cleanser, then the serum, and the A-Bomb, then you complete it with the Double Defense. The Nourishing Cleanser begins the process by exfoliating the skin, unclogging the pores, renews cells, and hydrates.  The Serum continues the process by improving elasticity and smoothness.  The A-Bomb then restores cellular function and softens the skin.  After that the Double Defense completes the process with another layer of nourishment and a protective coating of SPF 30.

This is a very advanced skincare system and it doesn’t get better than this.  This process is scientifically complicated, but the scientists as Somme Institute simplified the process into an easily used system that contains a few quick steps.   All your skin care needs are right here in this one product.  Many people have a cabinet of products for each skincare needs, but this one product replaces them all.  This product does it all, and it does it safely.  This is not just a quick-fix product.  This is a restoration treatment that will leave permanent, lasting results.