While most people realize that a cleanser and moisturizer are essential in a daily skincare regimen, a toner can perform a number of functions that other products simply cannot achieve. The cleanser removes impurities, while the moisturizer hydrates the skin. But, a toner can provide the skin with the precise moisture balance necessary for healthy skin. A toner can also reach deeper down than a common cleanser and remove debris well-hidden in the pores. Some toners provide exfoliation for the skin, eliminating dead skin cells and revealing a brighter, more radiant appearance. Not only that, this product can deposit essential vitamins and minerals into the skin which will be absorbed quickly for maximum efficacy.

The skin's natural pH level is difficult to achieve in erratic weather conditions, air filled with pollutants, and when skin is stripped bare by other skincare products. However, some toners can restore the skin's pH level, providing a perfect palette for other skincare products. Another toner can tighten the pores. For those that have larger pores and are more susceptible to blemishes, a pore-tightening toner can work wonders. While a toner is typically developed in a liquid form that is applied to the skin with a cotton ball, some toners are misted onto the skin and are left on for optimum results. Most times, these toners will include essential nutrients to nourish and hydrate the skin as well.

Individuals should be sure to purchase a toner intended for their specific skin type. These products usually are created for dry, oily/acne-prone, and normal skin types. However, some skincare companies have developed a product for mature skin, while others have a toner that will lighten skin with hyperpigmentation. A product with harsh chemicals should be avoided, as it can take away from the skin rather than rejuvenate.