True Cosmetics– Not your Mother's Face Cream

True Cosmetics is the parent company behind the Priori line of skin care products. These are skin care products that are bioengineered for specific results, the sophistication of which has never been seen before in a skin care product. True Cosmetics have combined anti-aging technology with the fresh, natural ingredients to create a line of products that can truly have an impact on your skin's appearance.

Like most scientifically based skin care systems, the True Cosmetics Priori system has several different stages or components to it. One of their lines is the Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals. This is a formula derived from and by the people who first started using glycolic acid in skin based products, which has now become a mainstay of the skin care world. This is just further evidence that True Cosmetics is a company that has been and will continue to be on the leading edge of skin care science. The way that True Cosmetics product is set apart is because it is the only skin care product that utilizes AHA in the cell signal that is natural to the human body, which means that it is ready and able to be utilized by the skin far better than any other product on the market.

The True Cosmetics product line includes a cleanser, a facial gel, a renewal cream, an Eye Serum and more. They provide products across the skin care board that utilize their unique bioengineered technology to its utmost advantage, providing the consumer with the most advanced products on the market. True Cosmetics simply provides health care products that are on the cutting edge of both medical and cosmetic science. This means that customers no longer have to use the same creams and cleansers that their mothers were using twenty years ago, simply shined up and put in modern packaging. Instead, they have a cutting edge modern option offered by True Cosmetics.

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