Vie Collection

Vie Collection: The Origins of Life


The foundations on which the Vie Collection of skin care products is based are both fascinating and complex. Vie collection has spend near to a decade trying to formulate a product that is inspired by the very process that allowed life to develop and flourish on our planet. The result of their research was a unique complex called Concentre de Vie. This product is patented and available only in Vie products, but contains a blend of amino acids, minerals, polysaccharides and phytosterols. This is the source from which the company's products are derived, and it is a powerful agent in the battle against skin cell aging.

Vie collection has three primary product lines, their face care line, their body line, and their sun care line. These products are formulated using the principles that Vie collection scientists have discovered to have the most immediate and long lasting effect on skin health and on long lasting, vibrant and vital skin appearance. Products in the facial line include an exfoliating cream, a night cream, wrinkle correction products, and products for combating circles under the eyes. This is just the tip of the Vie collection product iceberg, but the message is clear; whatever facial skin issue you may be experiencing, there is a product in this lineup that is designed to help improve your skins appearance.

Vie Collection Mela Night Even Skin Correction Fluid 1.6oz
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Vie Collection Mela Night Even Skin Correction Fluid 1.6oz

The Vie collection product line is comprised of premium products, and they are extremely effective. For example, their Deep Wrinkles Correction Cream provides extremely high quality ingredients to the wrinkled areas, and shows a very extreme result in return. Twenty four hours after application studies have found up to a 45% decrease in the depth of crow's feet. This is due to the French lavender extract, the Chlorella Extract and the Criste Marine extract; which all work in collusion to create this near magical effect on the appearance of wrinkles.