Innovation in Skin Care by Vivier Pharma

Vivier Pharma is a company that has for the last decade been on the leading edge of the development of new skin care products. A pharmaceutical company, they have the resources both financial and scientific to research and produce skin products utilizing the most modern research and technology.

They use pharmaceutical grade ingredients to produce products that are strong enough to make a difference in your skin's health unlike so many of those lower grade products that you can purchase practically anywhere.

The Vivier Pharma products are carried in over thirty countries, showing that their innovation and product quality has earned them a worldwide reputation.

The Vivier skin care line makes their major claim to fame on their IntraDermal System or IDS. This system is their delivery system for getting the ingredients in their products to be used actively by the skin cells.

A question people have always asked of skin care products is “how do they work?” The answer is, many of them don't, but Vivier has created a solution to this by creating products that deposit themselves directly into the skin cells and then are retained by those cells so the ingredients can actively be making the skin healthier.

This is the innovation of Vivier. The magic of the Vivier skin care line is its ability to penetrate the stratum corneum, which is the outermost portion of the skin.