Getting to Know the ZIRH Product Line

ZIRH has won countless awards and received a plethora of press coverage in the most elite men’s magazines. So what does ZIRH have to offer today’s man? Excellent skincare designed especially for male skin and a product line that not only takes care of men’s faces and shaving needs, but improves hair and body as well.

ZIRH in the Media

ZIRH’s products have been making splashes across men’s magazines such as Esquire, Men’s Fitness, Penthouse, Men’s Health, Playboy and Details, to name just a few. Esquire has recommended ZIRH’s Ikon deodorant, which is alcohol free, goes on clear, and is lightly scented. Ikon’s fragrance made a splash in Men’s Fitness, notably due to its woodsy scent, evoking cedar wood and vetiver. Both Details and GQ magazines enjoyed ZIRH’s corduroy fragrance, which incorporates grapefruit, mandarin mixed with rich spices like vanilla.

Entertainment Weekly, Details, Playboy, Men’s Health and US Weekly all enjoyed ZIRH’s shave gel and shave cream. ZIRH’s non-foaming shave gel is aloe vera-based and goes on clear for those who want to maintain a goatee or sideburns. One jar of ZIRH’s shave gel lasts from 2 to 4 months due to a highly concentrated formula. It’s additions of ginseng, glycerin and seaweed extract helps smooth skin. ZIRH’s shave cream, like the gel, contains that same calming and smoothing ingredients and helps prevent razor drag.

ZIRH’s products have also won numerous industry awards, most recently ZIRH’s shave cream won the Men’s Health Grooming Award. ZIRH’s Ikon fragrance was a semi-finalist this year for best fragrance and CEW Insider’s Choice Award chose ZIRH’s platinum drenched for best in men’s grooming this year.

Anti-Aging With ZIRH

ZIRH takes anti-aging seriously and developed a targeted product line designed to get to the point and help reduce the signs of aging in men. For instance, ZIRH’s Restore reduces puffiness around the eye by strengthening the delicate skin around the eye. Restore uses caffeine to stimulate under eye circulation and reduce dark circles. This is especially useful after traveling or a night out. ZIRH’s Rejuvenate reduces fine lines and wrinkles using ceramides, which help regenerate skin cells for a more youthful appearance.

Showering With ZIRH

ZIRH offers a number of body bars named after your favorite cocktails and will invigorate, soothe, detoxify and exfoliate your skin. Each body bar has its own unique scent and function, and names include Cucumber Martini, Sake Bomb, Hurricane, Screwdriver and Long Island Ice Tea. If you prefer shower gel, ZIRH named its shower gels after great warriors like Alexander the Great, Ulysses and Julius Caesar.

Shaving With ZIRH

In addition to ZIRH’s shave gel and cream, ZIRH offers Soothe, which contains seaweeds and botanicals to calm redness after shaving, soothe away razor burn and also functions as a lightweight moisturizer. ZIRH’s Erase was formulated for serious shaving disasters. It will relieve razor burn, redness and ingrown hairs and should be applied only to problem areas instead of the entire face.

ZIRH’s products will continue to win awards and be written up in men’s magazines because the products work for men’s skin, are fun and easy to use, and get the results men want.