Ageless Derma Natural Thinning Hair Solution 2oz

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Ageless Derma Natural Thinning Hair Solution

Ageless Derma Natural Thinning Hair Solution has been developed using naturally derived chemical compounds, herbs, and extracts for non-toxic yet highly desirable results in hair thickening and regrowth.

With Ageless Derma Natural Thinning Hair Solution, the user will experience hair that has a renewed volume, is thicker, and appears fuller. The hair will not only have grown thicker, but it will also be strengthened and nourished.

A specially blended formulation of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) derived from natural bee’s honey will cleanse the scalp free of grime and bacteria buildup that can otherwise kill skin cells lying on the scalp’s surface. This dirt and bacteria left unchecked will also create an oily atmosphere that bogs down hair strands and aggravates the skin.  The AHA in Ageless Derma Natural Thinning Hair Solution will cleanse the scalp thoroughly, ridding it of this grimy buildup and residue from hair products that have been used over time. The AHA also works to exfoliate the skin, removing the dead skin cells and bringing health back to the entire scalp area. Hair follicles will unclog and new hair will be free to grow and flourish. AHA’s work on exfoliating the scalp allows the Natural Thinning Hair Solution to be absorbed faster and more completely. This lets the nourishment and stimulation of hair follicles work quickly and efficiently.

The Ageless Derma Natural Thinning Hair Solution is made with a Cayenne Pepper Extract to invigorate and feed long-dormant hair follicles, allowing the follicles to grow and flourish. The optimal environment for hair growth due to a newly enlivened and healthier scalp is put into place. Herbal experts consider Cayenne Pepper Extract to be an essential ingredient for renewed hair growth and stoppage of hair loss.

The Ageless Derma family of products has been featured on the Daytime Emmy Awards Show in Los Angeles, California and on the ABC television show Shark Tank with Kevin Harrington.


Apply approximately 15 drops once or twice a day, depending upon need and area to be covered. A 2 oz. bottle should last, on average, about 60 days.


Aqua, SDA-40, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, panthenol, Matricaria recutita (chamomile) extract, salvia officinalis (sage) extract, capsicum extract, polysorbate 80, glycolic acid, malic acid, methyl nicotinate, fragrance.


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