Ageless Derma Volumizing Shiny Hair Shampoo 8oz

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Ageless Derma Volumizing Shiny Hair Shampoo

Ageless Derma Volumizing Shiny Hair Shampoo product is containing pure botanical extracts and natural vitamins for a truly enriching and youth-inducing shampoo experience. Hair will undergo increased volume, more shine, more manageability, added moisture and newly restored health with regular use of this state-of-the-art hair development.

The Volumizing Shiny Hair Shampoo is manufactured using powerful yet all natural extracts and vitamins. Olive leaf extract, also known as Europaea, has a monopoly on anti-oxidants, anti-bacterials, and anti-inflammatory agents, all of which protect, enliven, and strengthen the hair by working directly within the hair follicles. Moisture is enveloped within the follicles, making hair healthy once again. This extract also provides the highly desired shine to hair in addition to restoring smoothness. Olive leaf extract contained in Volumizing Shiny Hair Shampoo also enables the immune system to become stronger. The follicles are protected against stress and hair is restructured for an overall more radiant and glowing appearance from within. The stronger hair follicles enables hair to look as though it is fuller and it is, indeed, healthier with the use of this powerful product.

Vitamin B5, or panthenol, is included in Volumizing Shiny Hair Shampoo. This is a provitamin that is a moisturizer, a humectant, and an emollient all rolled into one. The Vitamin B5 provides hair with extreme shine and also detangles it. This vitamin ingredient in Volumizing Shiny Hair Shampoo can enter the hair cuticle and shaft for maximum effect.


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