Skincare Products by Allergan, the Maker of Botox

Botox has become one of the most recognized names in the cosmetic world. In fact, Botox procedures are among the most common of all cosmetic procedures performed, and more and more people opt to try Botox every single year. However, the company that manufactures Botox, Allergan, doesn’t stop with that injectable. There are a wide variety of skin care products by Allergan that are made with the same science and intelligent forethought that is behind the popular Botox injections. The science and research that Allergan has at their fingertips has gone into several different product lines including MD-Forte, Vivite, Prevage, and Clinque Medical.

Skin Care products by Allergan are marketed under a variety of different brands. Clinique Medical, for example, is a joint venture with cosmetic giant Clinique to create a product specially designed to help recovery from cosmetic procedures. Vivite is a product line that is focused around a glycolic ingredient and microbead technology. Prevage is a prescription strength treatment to offer extremely powerful anti aging technology to the consumer. Finally, you have MD-Forte, a product based around AHA skin care, which stands for alpha-hydroxy acids, another common and effective skin care ingredient like glycolic acid.

Skin care products by Allergan are backed by reputation and science. As the manufacturer of the leading cosmetic solution in Botox, you know that this is a company that takes both skin care and anti-aging science very seriously. The reputation of Botox over the years as a safe, effective anti-aging treatment, as well, should help reassure you that Allergan is a company that is only going to back a high quality and effective product. Any one of their product lines would be highly recommended by any skin care specialist.