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The Auriderm brand is sold under the auspices of the Biopelle Company, a division of beauty products manufactured by Ferndale Laboratories, Inc.  The Auriderm brand of face care products focuses on repairing the skin that has been damaged by post-operative bruising.

Their focus is also on improving the skin’s look by brightening under eye circles, spider veins, and other skin discolorations that are due to bleeding beneath the skin’s layers.

Auriderm face care products can be considered to be both beauty and medical products for skin care.  For those who suffer from seemingly permanent dark circles beneath the eyes, Auriderm can help with the problem.  One of the causes of under eye circles is due to blood pooling beneath the thin layers of skin around the eyes.

The weakened vascular blood vessels there in combination with the inevitable hollowed out look of aging due to a loss of normal padding (collagen) beneath the eyes makes for an older, undesirable appearance.  Auriderm products for skin care, such as Auriderm Illume Eye Crème, will rectify this issue with the key ingredient, Vitamin K. 

Auriderm Clearing Gel 1oz
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Auriderm Clearing Gel 1oz
Auriderm Post-Op Gel .35oz
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Auriderm Post-Op Gel .35oz
Auriderm Post-Op Gel .35oz (3 Pack)
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Auriderm Post-Op Gel .35oz (3 Pack)

Vitamin K will strengthen the walls of the capillaries, preventing more leakage and shadowing beneath the eyes.  Auriderm’s patented use of Vitamin K Oxide gets the body’s healing process going in order to brighten the darkened areas of the skin.  Additional ingredients in Auriderm Illume Eye Crème cut down on eye puffiness and also work to reflect light, giving the user a more youthful appearance in general.  Auriderm Illume Eye Crème is not sold as an anti-wrinkle or anti-aging cream; rather, it is a medical formulation for the purpose of reducing the appearance of dark circles and discolorations beneath the eyes, thereby giving the appearance of youth by default. also has the Auriderm Clearing Gel and Auriderm Vanishing Gel products for skin discoloration, giving much of the same relief as the Illume Eye Crème.

For post-operative or post-procedural bruising, Auriderm provides products for skin bruising and discoloration.  Auriderm Post-Op Gel will repair the bruising associated with such medical procedures as a rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, liposuction, and dermatological procedures like dermal fillers and vascular treatments that often result in unsightly bruises and discoloration.  The Auriderm Post-Op Gel helps the healing take place sooner than it normally would.  The blood beneath the skin is reabsorbed more quickly, giving the user a faster recovery period. also is carrying the Auriderm Post-Procedural Relief Kit, containing the Auriderm Post-Op Gel and Arnica Montana Tablets.  The Arnica Montana Tablets, a natural botanical substance, are taken just before or right after the procedure takes place in order to further reduce bruising.