BioElements Crucial Moisture 2.5oz

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BioElements Crucial Moisture 2.5oz
This Bioelements nutrient-rich, very emollient moisturizer is intended for day and night use to relieve dryness and to restore moisture balance to skin. This moisturizer draws on healing adaptogens, aromatherapist oils and high-speed hydrators to instantly relieve dryness and reduce surface lines to leave skin soft and smooth. Apply small amount on face, around eyes and on neck. If desired, layer over Sun Protector or a Bioelements Specific serum. Formulated for daily use with combination and slightly dry to moderately dry skin for complete daily protection from the elements.

Active Ingredients:
Dimethicone (lubricant, softener)
Ginseng (rejuvenator, balancing)
Sumac (balancing, adaptogenic)
Gotu Kola (healing, adaptogenic)
Dong Quai (balancing, adaptogenic)
Watercress (antioxidant, adaptogenic)
Sandalwood (healing, astringent)
Sage (healing)
Geranium (regenerating, astringent)
Rosemary (rejuvenating, balancing)
Lavender (antiseptic, healing)

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