For over 25 years the Borghese Cosmetic Company has been producing professional skincare products from special ingredients found in the hills of Tuscany. Borghese Cosmetics was developed using the water from the local thermal springs and formulating their exclusive Acqua di VitaT living water complex that is used in all their skincare products.

Borghese Cosmetics combines the Acqua di VitaT living water complex leading local organic skincare ingredients to produce effective and revolutionary skincare products that repair and prevent the signs of aging. Borghese Cosmetics has become an industry leader in anti-aging skin care and a professional choice for many dermatologists and skin care specialist worldwide.

Borghese Cosmetics produces a collection of muds formulated from the nutrient-rich Tuscany earth. The Fango Mud Collection is a Borghese Cosmetic signature product and is sold worldwide for its rich botanical skincare therapies and is offered by many luxury spas as part of their skincare treatment services. The Borghese Fango Mud Collection is available in 5 different types of applications and is also available for at home treatments for removing dead skin cells, exfoliation and deep skin conditioning.

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Borghese Cosmetics offers skincare and cosmetic solutions for all skin types and conditions, as well as a complete skincare line just for men. Borghese Cosmetics not only creates skincare products but also produces award winning cosmetics, fragrances, hair care products and speciality gifts. They have become a company to rely on for all types of skin and body care needs. Borghese Cosmetics also has a full line of natural mineral based cosmetics that are enriched with vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin all day long.

Borghese Cosmetics continues to produce new skin care products and natural mineral cosmetics for women of all ages and is recommended worldwide by leading skin care specialists and aestheticians.