Elemis - The Right Ingredients for Your Skin

Elemis is a British skin care company that is dedicated to always finding the right ingredients to include in their products. However, their attention to detail does extend beyond simply finding the right ingredients. They also ensure that all of their ingredients have not been genetically modified and that they have been not grown in soil that has been exposed to toxic or harmful chemicals. Elemis pays careful attention to the fact that these products are going onto their customer's skin, and so they want to only offer safe and pure ingredients to their customers.

The product line is varied, and each product is specially formulated to address concerns of skin type, skin condition and even gender. Although all of the Elemis cream are cross gender effective, there are products that are also specially formulated for men to address some of their concerns, such as facial shaving. The company offers an Energizing Skin Scrub containing Hops and Laurel that can help to prevent ingrown hairs from shaving when used by a man, once per week.

Elemis also creates products that are powerfully formulated to prevent the effects of aging. For example, they have one product, the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, which is a global best seller designed to help boost production of facial collagen. Elemis Cream has been tested in a clinical trial setting where patients saw reduction of wrinkle depth of up to 78% in just two weeks; proving why this product can be a bestselling item all around the globe. The entire Elemis line up is built around the same effective science and principles that helped them to formulate their Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. The Marine Cream contains a Padina Pavonica extract, whereas their Absolute Eye Serum contains rosewood; showing how every single product has been specifically formulated to fulfill its purpose effectively.

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