The Epionce line of products was designed with skin health and wellness in mind. The CEO and founder of Episciences is Dr. Carl R. Thornfeldt, a practicing dermatologist who also has a firm history of research experience, with 22 U.S. patents to his name and 40 published scientific articles. In fact, The Sinatra Health Report named Dr. Thornfeldt one of the best 50 physicians in the U.S., he being the only dermatologist on that list.

With Dr. Thornfeldt at the helm of Epionce, skin products are designed to improve both the appearance and the health of skin in a scientifically sound manner, using research and medical knowledge. The non-prescription skin care line made by Epionce is composed of active botanical ingredients that are able to penetrate the skin’s layers for optimal effect.

The skin care products that the Epionce System produces provide users with the perfect solution for acne, aging skin, rosacea, eczema, hyperpigmentation, psoriasis and other damaging skin conditions. Choose from therapy solutions such as Epionce Cleanse & Prepare, Correct & Boost, Renew & Fortify, Protect & Prevent, and Post-Treatment Care products, all part of the Epionce System of home-care skin treatments.