Many people realize that an appropriate cleanser and moisturizer are necessary in one's daily skincare regimen. However, there are a few products that should be used at least weekly on one's skin, both face and body. An exfoliant is one of the most important products to have in a skincare arsenal. Though a cleanser can certainly remove surface debris from the skin, it typically cannot reach down any further to get imbedded impurities. While a moisturizer can replenish or maintain the skin's natural moisture balance, it cannot eliminate bacteria that promote excess oil production. An exfoliant can do both of these tasks plus more. There are a couple of reasons why an individual should never go without using an exfoliant for over one week.

Foremost, the skin naturally dies. Just like a snake, our outer layer of skin becomes dull and brittle. However, unlike the creepy crawler, we do not normally shed all of our dead skin cells. Instead, they remain on the outer layer, blocking the healthy skin underneath from receiving oxygen and the sebaceous glands from recognizing the appropriate amount of oil to produce. An exfoliant removes the outer layer of dead skin cells so that the living, vital skin underneath can breathe and receive essential nutrients. Not only that, but the sebaceous glands literally become confused when dead skin cells clog the pores. When the pores are clogged and the glands overproduce oil, it is inevitable that blemishes will form.

An exfoliant should also be used because it polishes the skin. Over time, skin exposed to the elements becomes dull; however, an exfoliant will remove dead cells and leave skin with a healthy glow. An exfoliant can also improve the efficacy of other topical skincare products because they can more easily be absorbed into the skin.