Experience the Fantastic Possibilities of Fleur's


In 1998 a unique and imaginative cosmetics and skincare company was born.Created by an inspired artist named Brigitte Gedouin, the goal of Fleur's is to demonstrate that beauty is art, and art is life.

This holistic approach means that both the skincare products and cosmetics aim to create beauty in every user.

Harnessing the power of nature's best, Fleur's skincare is packed with essential ingredients. Some of the unique components include Lotus, West Indian Cherry Extract, Apricot Oil, Mango Extract, and citrus fruit essential oils.

By using these elements, Fleur's is able to provide the skin with the nutrients that would only able to be acquired through consuming these sometimes hard to find fruits and flowers.

By using many natural ingredients, Fleur's is gentle on skin and promotes healthy regeneration.

The Fleur's cosmetics allow consumers to be the artist. Vibrant colors, nourishing ingredients, and superior coverage and protection are all combined in Fleur's artist's palette. The anti-aging products developed by Fleur's implement some of the highest quality elements available.