GlyMed Plus

Christine Heathman, an aesthetician and skin care advocate founded the Glymed Plus skin care line in order to produce professional products that would treat all skin types and conditions using naturally organic ingredients. Glymed Plus is recommended by skin care professionals and dermatologists worldwide and has become a leader in advanced skin care technology.

Glymed Plus skincare over the years expanded their skin care products and is now a large skin care manufacturer that produces over 100 different skin care products and applications under 8 separate skin care brands. Glymed Plus has been a popular choice for skin care clinicians because the products do not contain harsh chemicals but are highly effective and clinically proven to treat skin conditions using only natural ingredients.

Glymed Plus was first developed using what is known as the GlyMed Plus 4 Step Skincare Program. The Glymed Plus 4 Step Skincare Program contains all the products necessary in managing and maintaining healthy skin. The products in the 4 Step Skincare Program are a cleanser, a treatment product, a balancing product and a skin protecting product. Following this program as a daily skin care regimen has proven to be a highly effective skin care treatment for many people with a variety of skin care conditions and skin types including people suffering from acne, dry and sensitive skin.

Glymed Plus moisturizers are one of the leading skincare moisturizers and can be used to nourish even the driest skin types. Glymed Plus products are developed to protect the skin from environmental factors and contain an SPF for sun protection. Glymed Plus 4 Step Skincare Programs are easy to use and are available as skin care kits based on individual skin types and needs. GlyMed continues to produce products in order to offer suitable skin care regimens for everyone.