Over 30 years Mr Rene Guinot began developing formulas for skin care therapies exclusively for his wife who was a beauty technician. As a chemical engineer Mr. Guinot was able to discover some major advancements in skin care technology and anti-aging therapies. Today, Guinot skincare is a leading skincare company with a broad range of skin care treatments and products for all types of skin and skin conditions.

Guinot skincare products are recommended by skin care specialists, dermatologists and estethicians worldwide and Guinot skincare products are used in some of the more luxurious spas around the world. Guinot has developed specialty skincare treatments that are offered exclusively in spas for various applications and services. Consumers can enjoy the luxurious products by some of the leading skin care specialists when receiving skin care treatments in their favourite spas.

Guinot skincare has one of the most popular treatments and applications for anti-aging. The Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire cell renewal cream is an anti-aging cream that reverses the signs of aging and repairs wrinkles and fine lines leaving skin smooth, soft and healthy looking. Many combine this renewal cream with the Guinot Vital Anti-Wrinkle serum that contains retinol which also helps to repair and prevent wrinkles. Together these Guinot products are a powerful anti-aging and prevention recipe.

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The Guinot skincare line has expanded into one of the most diverse professional skin care product manufacturers by developing products for women, men, sun protection, specialty treatments and the entire body. Many skincare lines do not include products for men and their skin needs but Guinot recognized that men’s skin care needs were different than women’s and developed a complete line addressing the issues for men and their skincare.

Guinot skincare has been proven to be a leading expert in the field of skincare and a professional choice for skin care applications and treatments.