Liquid Keratin

In 2008, Liquid Keratin was formulated by a couple of entrepreneurs seeking a solution to hair that was unmanageable. The present formulas which were being used in hair salons at that time were too expensive and too toxic, making them dangerous and out of reach for most people.

Finally, Liquid Keratin became the very first (and only!) easy-to-use, non-toxic keratin treatment for home use, providing excellent, damage-free results without the high cost of going to the salon.

Liquid Keratin has a 30-Day Treatment that is patented for use at home. It smoothes away frizzy hairs, makes the hair’s texture softer and smoother, infuses your hair with shine, and keeps strands healthy for an entire month with just one application.

For those whose hair frizzes up in humid weather, Liquid Keratin is a top-notch solution for smoother hair in any type of weather. For those wanting a silkier finish without using a damaging flat iron, Liquid Keratin is the answer.

There are 30-Day and 60-Day Treatment Sets for straighter, smoother hair that will also be stronger. The company also offers professional-quality conditioners and shampoos.