MD Solar Science

The origins of MD Solar Sciences began with Dr. Robert J. Friedman at the NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Friedman was committed to seeking a product that would protect skin from sun damage, including photo-aging and skin cancer, and also work to repair the signs of aging caused by sun exposure. He formed the Scientific Advisory Council, made up of medical professionals, to explore and approve all products developed by MD Solar Sciences, now a trusted brand by both consumers and the medical profession.

MD Solar Sciences uses their ProVention-R set of ingredients to ensure their products are effective, safe and beneficial for all skin types. The ProVention-R Ingredient list includes active agents for anti-aging and repair of skin, collagen repair peptides, calming agents, and other helpful organic-based ingredients, all selected by doctors.

The MD Solar Sciences Sun Care and Sun Repair crèmes are all formulated using the ProVention-R Antioxidant Complex for safe UV protection that adds beauty and youth to your appearance. The Mineral Crème has an SPF of 50 for ultimate sun protection. The Sun Repair Anti-Aging Trio provides you with the Daily Eye Repair Emulsion, full of antioxidants, the Daily Anti-aging Moisturizer has an SPF of 30, and the Evening Facial Repair Serum dramatically reduces the signs of aging.