Natural sensitive skin care-natural moisturizer for skin

When it comes to an effective natural skin care regimen for sensitive skin the one thing to avoid is any products that can irritate the skin. The thing with sensitive skin is that it easily reacts to even the slightest contact with the wrong ingredients or even treating it in the wrong way by being unnecessarily rough or exposing it to harsh elements.

Everything from extreme changes in temperature to stress can cause sensitive skin to react in an unfavorable way. This is why it is important to make sure that you use the right products preferably natural skin care products for sensitive skin. The symptoms of sensitive skin include redness, dryness and irritation. Sensitive skin is also susceptible to skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

With sensitive skin care you have to watch everything from your pillow to towels to the kind of washing soap that you use for the laundry. This is because you have to keep from being in contact with anything that can have an irritating effect on your sensitive skin.

There is also a need to check your diet, as any spicy foods can cause inflammation of the skin. To be able to know the kind of food that your skin does not react well to, use the elimination process to find out. Omit one food at a time from your diet that you may be suspecting of causing the problem and soon enough you will find out what is responsible for the skin irritation.

Include certain healthy foods in your natural sensitive skin care regimen, the best food to include are those that will provide your skin with anti oxidants such as vitamin  C and E. Omega oils are also considered good for sensitive skin and can be added into the diets in moderation.

Natural products for sensitive skin care include any products with ingredients that are certified to be hypoallergenic. This will help you avoid most of the common allergens that are responsible for irritating sensitive skin. Go for natural moisturizers for skin care such as essential oils mixed with natural carrier oils.

The best essential oils to use as natural moisturizers for sensitive skin include lavender and rose oil you can use almond oil as carrier oil when using them. These oils are soothing and calming to the skin and will help to keep your sensitive skin well moisturized while keeping you  from experiencing the uncomfortable sensation of sensitive skin reaction, such as chaffing and redness.

When it comes to exfoliates avoid using them on sensitive skin as they are too harsh and in the case of infected skin end up spreading the bacteria to the rest of the uninfected skin areas. Over cleansing sensitive skin can also be a problem as it leads to it being too dry and sensitive skin when dry will end up getting irritated.

If possible sensitive skin should be cleansed once a day preferably before going to bed and you should not use harsh soaps and cleansers on it. It’s important to keep from unnecessarily interfering with sensitive skin; too much touching and cleansing will only lead to it becoming inflamed and irritated.

Natural products for sensitive skin care are best, make sure you choose organic skin care products as they are gentler on sensitive skin and are better at calming and soothing it. Commercial skin care products for sensitive skin are not the best choice simply because they incorporate harsh synthetic ingredients that in the case of sensitive skin can be quite harmful and irritating.

Another thing to keep in mind is that certain hormonal changes can end up causing skin to be sensitive. A good example is when an individual is undergoing pregnancy or menopause. There are also cases of skin sensitivity that may occur when we embark in hormonal based contraception and other hormonal treatments. This means that it can be temporary since it is caused by a change in our lifestyle and instead of going for the various skin products in the market we should leave it so as not to mess with our skins.

The good news is that after carefully studying your skin you can be able to pinpoint the things that you may be eating or using that result in your skin being irritated. This combined with the avoidance of harsh ingredients and fragrances in the natural sensitive skin care products that we use will surely lead to having calmer skin. In case it gets out of hand don’t take it upon yourself to go randomly testing different products on your skin instead seek the services of a good dermatologist for further advice.