OMIC Skincare

OMIC skincare holds the answer to clear, healthy skin. The company’s mission is to address the skin care needs of all ethnicities for the restoration of healthy, perfect skin. Their state-of-the-art collection of products runs the gamut of skincare solutions for acne, sun damage, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, under eye circles and so much more.

In fact, OMIC’s high potency formulations provide instant, visible results that last due to their high potency ingredients. The company devotes itself to educating consumers’ concerns about skin care and in aiding everyone toward having beautiful, healthy skin for life.

OMIC’s product line offers something for everyone’s skin care needs and desires. The BlemishLess Kit Acne Clarifying System takes strong yet natural anti-inflammatories and anti-bacterial agents to fight blemishes and control excess oils. The newly patented 5 Alpha Avocuta is sebum-controlling agent, perfect for combination or oily skin that is prone to acne.

Anti-aging skin care is on OMIC’s list of amazing products, removing skin discolorations to enable you to takes years off with the fading of brown spots and other skin tone issues. OMIC’s many other age-defying skin products have been highlighted in Passport Magazine, Massage Magazine and other beauty skin care guides.