Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow

The Ageless Derma Mineral Eye Shadows is made from all natural minerals. With incredible colors that become intense when used wet for a look that you will love, these mineral makeup eye shadows will not crease or fade throughout the day, nor will they weigh down the eyes.

Recommended for use by people with sensitive eyes that are easily irritated, Ageless Derma Eye Shadows minerals makeup are available in Matte or Pearlized shades that will not run when used as an eye liner. The lighter texture of this mineral make-up will allow the skin to breathe while providing the lovely color that will cling to the eyelids.


For eyes: Use the Chisel Deluxe Oval, Crease and Taklon Fine Liner Brushes to achieve a professional application.

For brows: Use the Duo Deluxe Spooly to brush and apply with the Tapered Angle for a natural looking brow definition.

Complimentary Products: Chisel Deluxe Oval Brush- Duo Deluxe Spooly - Taklon Fine Liner - Tapered Angle Brush.

Key Ingredients: Boron Nitride - Calming Lavender Aromatherapy- Freeze Dried Vitamins A and E - Mica- Titanium Dioxide- Green Tea Extract- Brone Nitride- Octyl Palmitate- Palmitate - Tocopheryl Acetate- Butylene Glycol- Lavender- Palmarosa.