If it hasn’t happened yet, it will happen one day for certain.  You will look in the mirror and see a wrinkle on your face.  It may be around your eyes, your mouth, or on your forehead.  It may even be just a fine line that you notice and not yet a true wrinkle.  We can’t avoid the inevitable but we can stave wrinkles off, even diminish them to a great extent.  In other words, we can now fight wrinkles!

There are various ways to combat your wrinkles.  Some are very expensive, some require invasive techniques, others are inexpensive yet effective, while some don’t really work at all.  Let’s ignore the ways that don’t work at all and concentrate on skin anti wrinkle techniques that actually work. 

You can check out temporary fillers for fine lines and wrinkles.  These are generally injectable serums of collagen or other substances that plump up your skin, smoothing out the wrinkles.  You can even have the fat from your own body injected into these areas to eradicate wrinkles temporarily.  These injections replenish the skin’s own collagen which has been depleted.  One of the down sides of skin anti wrinkle fillers is that injections can sting.  They are somewhat invasive, piercing your skin, and not everybody likes needles, especially in their face.  So while injectable fillers do work to temporarily erase wrinkles, they can hurt and they are expensive.  Health insurance will not cover these cosmetic procedures.  There are also the possibilities of allergic reactions, bruising, puffiness and soreness in the area.  Yes, fillers generally work to plump wrinkles, but you need to continue treatments, as it is not a permanent fix, and this can become a very expensive option.

Another option is laser resurfacing.  In this technique, a certain type of laser will either remove very thin layers of your skin to reveal new skin, or another type of laser will stimulate new collagen growth.  Laser resurfacing skin anti wrinkle treatments must be done by a surgeon, so this is a radical step to remove wrinkles.  There is a recovery period, possible complications and it is expensive.

Chemical peels are somewhat popular skin anti wrinkle procedures.  Chemicals are placed upon the skin and the top layer of skin is peeled off.  Alpha hydroxyl acids are generally used to strip the skin.  Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) can be derived from fruits, sugar, milk, and other foods.   It takes up to a week to recover from a chemical peel.  Your face will be red and inflamed.  When it is healed, the skin will gradually get back its normal color. There are possible complications ranging from white heads to permanent discolorations.  Wrinkles will be smoothed but chemical peels cannot be safely done near the eyes.

What if you want to fight your wrinkles in a more natural way?  The good news is that you can de-wrinkle skin: anti aging creams can get the job done.  Today’s skin anti aging creams are so sophisticated, they can plump wrinkles and lines at a fraction of the cost of other methods.  But don’t opt for a chemically based skin anti aging cream.  Instead, look for skin anti aging products that have natural ingredients so you don’t harm your body or have to endure recovery times or side effects.  Thanks to natural antioxidants, plant stem cells, peptides, and other nutrients and botanicals, today’s skin anti aging creams are more effective than ever. 

A revolutionary natural ingredient known as Matrixyl 3000 is a combination of peptides and amino acids that work as antioxidants.  They stimulate the matrix that makes up our collagen and fibers, keeping skin smooth and elastic.  Matrixyl 3000 will reduce the depth of your wrinkles when it is added to skin anti aging products.  This special skin anti aging cream ingredient will also help lift sagging skin and improve skin tone. 

Natural skin anti aging products that really work may also include argireline (peptides and stem cells), sodium hyaluronate (found in our bodies), Syn-Coll (injection free collagen!),  and CoEnzyme Q10, in addition to other natural ingredients.  A skin anti aging cream which incorporates all of these powerful natural ingredients and more is Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti Wrinkle Cream. 

When you consider your options, from injections to lasers to chemical peels and more, the best way to fight wrinkles may very well be the most natural way: with a skin anti aging cream that takes its cues from nature.

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