Skin Care Products for Combination Skin

Many people do not fall into the categories of dry, normal, or oily skin. Instead, they have a combination of usually dry and oily. This is characterized by scaling, flaking skin with excess oil production as well. In the past it has been difficult to treat combination skin, as there are two quite different skin conditions occurring at the same time. However, recent skincare technology has made treating combination skin just as easy as all of the others. New ingredient formulations have been developed that target both of the skin issues, rather than focusing on just one. Only a reputable skincare company should be trusted for combination skin needs, as others will usually use outdated formulas that only exacerbate problems.

Two of the most recent developments in combination skin treatments are retinol and antioxidants. Retinol has the ability to gently resurface the skin, removing any dead cells while also sloughing away flaking or scaling skin. Because retinol only targets this specific area of combination skin, it will not cause severe dryness or oiliness. Instead, it provides combination skin with a balance of natural moisture. Antioxidants work to both protect and detoxify the skin. These natural ingredients will defend skin against environmental assaults and will also help to eliminate bacteria and other problem-causing elements.

Other skincare companies are treating combination skin with rich amino acids that rebuild the skin, literally creating a new, normal skin type. Some cosmetics are even noticing that those with combination skin need a specific type of makeup. Many mineral cosmetics are appropriate for combination skin because they do not clump or clog the pores. Also, the mineral makeup works to improve the texture of skin and nourishes it with vital nutrients. Gentle exfoliators work to both remove scaling skin, while also removing excess oils.