Skin Care Products for Oily Skin

Oily skin is especially difficult to control. Whether excess oil is caused from hormone fluctuations, heredity, or environmental factors, simply removing the layer of greasy residue on the top of skin will not solve the problem. Unfortunately, in the past many skincare companies used harsh chemicals to curb the skin's oil production. Instead, these chemicals triggered the sebaceous glands to work overtime and produce even more oil. Now, reputable skincare companies like those featured on have developed formulas that battle excess oil, while keeping the skin's natural moisture balance.

Skincare companies are developing advanced treatments for oily skin more and more. Implementing ingredients like retinol and glycolic acid in products allows oily skin sufferers to get the maximum benefits. These ingredients will reduce the oil production in the sebaceous glands and will refine the skin's texture. The overall health of the skin can be boosted by using products with AHAs and retinols.

Other companies have found that potent natural ingredients have just as much effectiveness without the risk for harsh side effects. Tea tree oil, witch hazel, chamomile, and even natural clay are being used to reach deep within the pores to curb oil production. But, these ingredients have the ability to calm and soothe the skin as well. So, individuals will not be left with extra tight, itchy skin. Also, many of the vitamins and minerals used in today's oily skincare products rebuild the skin from the inside out and nourish the skin for improved overall skin health.

Though many people believe that a moisturizer will only make skin oilier, those with oily skin should use a proper moisturizer and apply sun protection. Moisturizers made specifically for oily skin will not leave behind a greasy residue and will instead inhibit the sebaceous glands from overproducing. Many oily skin moisturizers will contain an SPF so that another product need not be applied to the skin.