StriVectin-SD – Botox like effects, without the Botox!

StriVectin-SD has been marketed as being perhaps better than Botox, and when that statement turns out to be true, it becomes abundantly clear why so many people are turning to StriVectin-SD for their current skin care needs. StriVectin-SD was, in fact, originally formulated as a stretch mark cream; however, with the discovery of how effective this formula could be on wrinkles and the fine lines of age on the face, this product has been flying off the shelves.

Men and women both have been enjoying the wrinkle abolishing effects of StriVectin-SD, and the company spokespeople smile when asked about the discovery. “Dumb luck”, they are quoted as having said many times. This formula had been carefully formulated with scientific research to create a cream that was going to actually be useful in abolishing stretch marks, which are deep and long creases in many cases.

The ingredient in StriVectin-SD that makes it so magically effective is a patented oligo-peptide, "Pal-KTTKS". This ingredient was later tested against other traditional skin care treatments such as vitamin C and retinol, and was proven to be many more times effective in improving skin tone and reducing wrinkles, and did so faster than the other products tested. This study solved the mystery of Stri-Vectin -SD, and what started out as "Dumb Luck" has become one of the most effective age line and wrinkle fighting products on the planet.