5 Lifestyle Mistakes that Lead to Wrinkles

The old adage about an ounce of prevention pertains especially to those pesky fine lines and wrinkles that begin to make their appearance much sooner than we would like. Preventing the aging process is often a matter of making simple lifestyle changes that effectively protect the skin and keep it looking younger for much longer.

Avoid these five lifestyle mistakes that lead to the appearance of wrinkles. With these simple changes, you can begin your preventative anti-aging regimen today.

Mistake #1: Choosing Other Beverages over Water

Not giving your body the hydration it needs can lead to sagging skin and wrinkles. There is no easier anti-aging program than making sure you consume at least eight glasses of water every day. Feel free to add the occasional glass of red wine or a daily cup of green tea to the beverage program as well, since the high level of antioxidants protect the skin from free radical damage and act as natural anti-aging ingredients.

Mistake #2: Sleeping in Your Makeup

Leaving makeup on your skin overnight clogs pores and prevents your skin from getting much needed time to breathe and recover from the stress of the day. Use a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type and follow up with a moisturizer that will keep your skin soft and supple as you get your Z's.

Mistake #3: Postponing the Use of Skincare Products

You are never too young to begin an anti-aging skincare regimen that keeps free radicals at bay, as well as promotes collagen and elastin production in the skin. It is much easier to prevent fine lines than diminish the appearance of deeper wrinkles once they arrive. Find a product suitable to your age and skin type and begin your anti-aging regimen as early as possible for best results.

Mistake #4: Allowing Stress to Reign

Stress is a natural byproduct of our busy lives today, but that doesn't mean you have to allow stress to take its toll on your skin. Find ways to manage your stress through exercise, meditation and other activities you enjoy. Get a good night's sleep every night to give your body time to recharge and rejuvenate. Avoid stressed-out people who only serve to raise your blood pressure without providing constructive benefit to your life.

Mistake #5: Eating High Fat, Sugary Foods

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it makes sense that the foods you put into your body will affect your skin as well. Skin looks best when it is fed a diet rich in nutrients like antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid pore-clogging fare like fried foods and those high in sugar content. Your skin will look more radiant and youthful from the inside out.

There is no doubt that many women are concerned about the effects of the aging process on their skin, as evidenced by the plethora of anti-aging products on the market today. However, keeping the skin looking younger is often a matter of simple lifestyle habits. By avoiding these five common mistakes, you can enjoy younger, more radiant skin throughout your life.