The Yon-Ka skin care line takes advantage of the natural world to the fullest extent possible. Many companies and their products draw upon ingredients or portions of plants from the natural world, and yet by and large the natural world remains untapped for its great resources in a plethora of potential health care applications. Yon-Ka has remedied this in their small way by taking advantage of all of the complimentary ingredients contained in plant and marine extracts. This means they have gone far beyond the fragrant part of plants that are traditionally utilized in skin care products, and are doing their best to utilize every part of the plant that could play any role in healthier or more youthful looking skin. This includes the vitamins, the acids, and trace elements that are contained in the plants.

Yon-Ka has taken a step beyond many other traditional skin care companies and, in doing so; they have found secrets and products that have powers far beyond that of traditional skin care products. Yon-Ka also pays a great deal of attention to detail, and prides itself on working with professional estheticians who are able to analyze your specific skin type to recommend specific treatments from their product line. Because of the increased power and versatility the Yon-Ka product line has received from utilizing more of the natural world around us, they are able to target their skin treatments to every type of skin with every challenge it may face.